Aug 08

August 2012

Busy August; the new SUMMER AT THE PINK DOOR oversize block print editioning starts tomorrow with a crew form ART ZONE at Sidereal press on friday to record the action! I’m about ready to turn in my BUMBERSHOOT Elvis Extravaganza paintings to curator JO DAVID, that should be a fun exhibit.  Ryan James is opening a new gallery in Bellevue. He visited my studio yesterday and we selected some pieces for exhibit. Great to get an in on the Eastside. I beginning my taxes, I file late traditionally, gives me time to organize the material but still it will be a push to get ‘er done. And the big deal is getting my materials ready for the Pike Place Market Historical Commission as I’m planning on presenting my Fall Show at the Sanitary Market building in the former site of USBANK.  There are several other elements just below the surface but this is whats in front of me for now! Onward!!

Aug 06

My studio in Chapala Mexico is for sale. Nice live/work warehouse for 80K$ US dollars. 

For more info go to http://BodegaForSale.blogspot.com


billy King